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If the recommended Interior Firm becomes insolvent, your renovation deposits are safeguarded under our Reno-Insurance, which is an insurance scheme that covers 50% of your contract value, up to S$50,000, whichever is lower.

How our Reno-Insurance works


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You deserve a nice place to stay and “nice” means free of stress and worries when you opt for our recommended interior firms. They are recommended based on their reliability and quality works. Reno–Insurance, our renovation insurance scheme, provides the assurance and is exclusive to homeowners who engage one of our recommended interior firms, following a quote request. Homeowners who contact the interior firms directly will not be eligible.

Procedure of our Reno-Insurance

Assuming all criteria for a claim are met:


Sample A

A homeowner can claim up to S$50,000 (up to S$50K) if:

No work was done, purely because the Interior Firm defaulted.

Contract value: S$140,000  •   Deposit: S$70,000


Sample B

A homeowner can claim up to S$40,000 (50% of contract value) if:

No work was done, purely because the Interior Firm defaulted.

Contract value: S$80,000  •  Deposit: S$60,000


Sample C

A homeowner can claim up to S$10,000

(up to 50% of the contract value less work already done) if:

Partial work was done but the interior firm defaulted midway through the renovation.

After an investigation, it was determined that only S$30,000 worth of work was done.

Contract value: S$100,000 Deposit: S$30,000

Refer to Clause 2 of the Terms and Conditions for more details.

To opt-in, send us the full copy of your signed contract (PDF format) within 7 days of signing to admin@renodirectory.sg

Submit your claim this way

Download the claim form here and email to us with the relevant documents attached. All claims are subject to Reno-Insurance Terms and Conditions

Please note that this is a FAQ; it is not exhaustive and does not replace the Reno-Insurance Terms and Conditions which will prevail over this FAQ. 

For more info about renovation insurance at RenoDirectory.SG, please refer to Reno-Insurance Terms and Conditions or contact admin@renodirectory.sg 

In particular, please note the requirement to submit a copy of the relevant contract, following a request for quote within 7 days of signing it, in order to qualify for making claims.

It is not covered if

– The Interior Firm was not recommended by RenoDirectory.SG 

– Termination or breach of Contract initiated by a homeowner 

– Homeowner’s refusal to accept services of Interior Firm’s appointed agents or independent contractors 

– Post-renovation rectifications and warranties issued by the Interior Firm

Reno-Insurance will make a maximum of four payouts, up to S$100,000 in aggregate, per year.

Please refer to Reno-Insurance Terms and Conditions for more details.


Reno-Insurance validity

The renovation insurance claim is valid for 270 days after signing the contract, or once payment has been made in full, after which RenoDirectory.SG will not be liable. Any ongoing dispute or renovation insurance claim should be raised in writing before the lapsed period.

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