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Whether you want to do subtle adjustments to beautify your home or you need a brand new makeover, RenoDirectory.SG has the resources for you. Not only can we connect you with the most reliable and competent renovation experts in Singapore, but we house various firms that specialize in a variety of home design styles.

Home Design Styles Explained

There is a myriad of popular home design styles. If you are struggling to find the best one which suits your lifestyle, then you are in luck! Because we have compiled a list of home design styles offered by our affiliated design experts in Singapore below:


  • Contemporary: this form of design is characterised by the use of natural materials with pops of colour as well as clean and low lines.
  • Contemporary minimalist: if you hate clutter and mess, then you might dig contemporary minimalist home designs for your home in Singapore. It incorporates precise geometry, rigid lines as well as minimal colour palettes.
  • Industrial: this home design incorporates aesthetics as well as space-maximizing furniture and layouts.
  • Industrial Minimalist: like contemporary minimalist designs, this form of design is excellent if you like symmetry and precision for your home in Singapore.
  • Luxury Eclectic: if you are daring and bold, try mixing up the colour of your furniture and interior design!
  • Minimalist: characterised by austerity and laconism in decoration, minimalist design makes use of functional furniture and interior objects. Most of the time, they do not incorporate more than 3 colours.
  • Modern: do you like clean, crisp lines, a simple colour palette as well as mental, glass and steel? Then, modern home design is definitely for you.
  • Scandinavian: if you have always wanted you home to look like the IKEA catalogue, that dream can become a reality when you engage our scandinavian home design specialists in Singapore.

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